Many of us have made our world so familiar that we do not see it anymore. An interesting question to ask yourself at night is, what did I really see this day?” John O’donahue

This blog post was inspired by the late John O’Donohue. I am reading his poetic and beautiful book on Celtic wisdom called Anam Cara (Gaelic for soul friend) at the moment. He writes with Celtic charm and sage-like wisdom but the most poignant message for me at the moment, is his recognition that in familiarity we can become isolated and limited in our perception of the world we live in. There is comfort in familiarity, but it does not allow for growth.

I have been inspired to see my own world through new, curious, hungry eyes. I made a simple decision yesterday to go for a walk. Walking for me is my soul food, and one of my non negotiable activities for sanity. I do however have a few favourite tracks, but this day, I decided to explore an unfamiliar path. What followed was an explosion of gratitude. I took my time. I noticed public art and saw tiny details that had been lost in my preoccupied gaze in the past. I saw vibrant flowers, sparkling water, smiles on faces. I read historic signs, learned new facts about a city that I have always called home. I bumped into familiar faces, but saw them with new eyes, and an open heart. I engaged with the world around me. The smells, the warm sunshine, the refreshing cool breeze. I chose to walk to the end of a pier. I chose to sit. I chose to meditate. I listened, I heard. I asked for guidance and I received. This simple decision to walk a different path opened my heart, my mind and my sense of connection with my inner landscape and that around me. Such wonder!

You see, I have been pondering lately and this very blog is the answer to my questions. I have been seeking to reconnect with my ‘why’ in my business. I wanted to remember, what drew me into the world of reflexology and why I called my business Finding Your Feet. This meandering walk yesterday has had a profound and revelatory impact on my reason for being. I have remembered. I have regained inspiration and now I am clear. You see, I love reflexology, yet being in the clinic had become a very familiar place. My familiarity is in the way I practice. It is a lovely feeling as I have gained a rhythm that wasn’t there when I began, yet, my heart is seeking to feel the way it did when I first realised this is where I belong. I had lost sight of my ‘why’.

Walking yesterday brought out my curiosity and inner joy for just being here. Alive. It was this feeling that lead me to ponder, what is Finding Your Feet? I now realise it is all about this very experience I have just described. Seeking inner wisdom and listening to the quiet stillness that is all knowing and nourishing, yet gently nudging us towards our better selves. This is why I have created Finding Your Feet. To help you to connect with your heart, to hear your soul speaking to you in its beautiful wise way. Finding Your Feet is all about helping you to see yourself through fresh eyes!

Some of the most lovely experiences that bring me the greatest joy to witness and facilitate are moments when you connect with your inner wisdom and finally see a way forward. These A-Ha moments are pure gold. This is where the true healing unfolds. You are the master of your own healing, my hands just guide the process. My tool is reflexology but it is so much more than reflex points on your feet that provide this metamorphosis. I have created space for you to allow your soul to speak. My clinic space is quiet, calming and cosy. It allows you to let go of your world for an hour. It allows you to be receptive to inner guidance, wisdom and the healing benefits of relaxation and balance facilitated by reflexology. My hands listen and gently encourage this conversation to begin. I work on a very holistic level. I have struggled for a long time to articulate and explain to the world what it is that reflexology does, because fundamentally, I believe it is only part of what I do. But now I have realised, that perhaps I don’t need to. I am not going to say that I can heal your sore neck, shoulders or diabetes. I am not going to say that reflexology will fix conditions or illnesses. That is not what I do. I don’t treat conditions, I don’t treat isolated parts of you. I do have faith that reflexology will assist you in healing these conditions, and will take away pain and discomfort, however, I will treat you as a whole person. I will listen to what may be behind your headache or recurrent cough. You see, Finding Your Feet is more than treating ailments. It is here to support you to literally and metaphorically find your feet in life and grab your best life with an open heart and mind. My hands nurture your soul through your soles. You are the only person that can heal yourself. Isn’t that so empowering? That is what I am all about. I love to see you transform from tired, stressed and overwhelmed to calm, peaceful and connected to your heart and mind.

In following my nudges yesterday, I found my own feet. My heart is buzzing with overwhelming joy, a newfound sense of connection with my heart and my purpose, inspiration to bring that to you. Fresh open eyes. I have found my why!

If you are ready to heal then lets start the conversation!

Catriona Weinmann is the heart, mind and soul behind Finding Your Feet. She is here to guide you to your greatness and your inner wisdom by working the soles of your feet. Her tool is reflexology, intuitive guidance and listening to your soul with her hands. If you are feeling stuck, too familiar with life or just need some nurturing back to your sparkly self, then she is the reflexologist for you. Catriona is based in Geelong and is available for appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can book online here